Below is a list of talks that I’ve given on the topics of fMRI data quality, multi-echo fMRI methods, data and code sharing practices, GDPR-compliant MRI data sharing, and open community building.

Heunis, J.S. 2020. Hands-on fMRI code and data sharing. Invited workshop at the Food for Psychologists. The Hague, The Netherlands (online). Links:

Heunis, J.S. 2020. Brain research data and personal data privacy: practical tips to share and protect. Invited talk at the Think Open Rovereto Workshop 2020. Trento, Italy (online). Links:

Heunis, J.S. 2019. Real-time (fMRI) quality control. Invited lecture at the 2019 international real-time functional imaging and neurofeedback conference: rtFIN2019. Aachen, Germany. Links:

Heunis, J.S. 2019. Building Open Science Communities. Invited talk at the 2019 Eurotech Summer School: Open Science in Practice. EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland. Links:

Heunis, J.S. 2019. Open Brain Consent - GDPR edition. Lightning talk at the 2019 meeting of the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science. Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Links:

Heunis, J.S. 2019. Real-time fMRI neurofeedback methodology: current challenges, possible solutions and future perspectives. Speaker during the session “Neurofeedback in psychiatry” at the 2019 annual Dutch Neuroscience Meeting. Lunteren, The Netherlands. Links:

Heunis, J.S. 2019. Introduction to open science and OpenMR Benelux. Speaker and event host at the 1st annual meeting of the OpenMR Benelux community. Leiden, The Netherlands. Links:

Heunis, J.S. 2018. Real-time fMRI neurofeedback - from technology to applications. Speaker and session moderator at the 11th annual Donders Discussions conference. The Donders Institute. Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Links:

Heunis, J.S., Besseling, R., Lamerichs, R., De Louw, A., Aldenkamp, B., Bergmans, J., 2018. Dynamic T2star and S0 mapping towards real-time multi-echo fMRI denoising. Oral presentation at the 10th annual meeting of the Benelux Chapter of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. Antwerpen, Belgium.