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My current Phd research focuses on two topics within the broad field of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) analysis:

  1. Developing new signal processing methods the improve the quality of real-time functional MRI signals, for use in clinical applications like neurofeedback
  2. Developing software tools and processes that assist fMRI researchers in implementing best practices for data quality control and methods reporting

My scientific interest stretches beyond these topics and somewhat more broadly into how we can improve transparency and reproducibility in science. I’m particularly interested in developing and sharing tools and methods that make our jobs as researchers easier, while simultaneously improving the scientific record or the way in which it can be queried, summarised and reused. This includes tools and processes for code sharing, data sharing, and reproducible analysis environments.

Whenever possible, I try to embed the concepts of collaboration, team science, community-centered project work, and openness into my work.

I have collaborated on and generated some scientific output related to my research interests. Below, I’ll try to list most of the currently relevant ones with links to related content. These outputs often relate to specific projects or software tools, for which I provide more information on the respective site pages.


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Conference Posters

Heunis, S., Hellrung, L., Meer, V.D., Bergert, S., Sladky, R., Pamplona, G.S.P., Scharnowski, F., Koush, Y., Mehler, D., Falcon, C., Gispert, J.D., Molinuevo, J.L., Skouras, S., 2019. rtQC: an open-source toolbox for real-time fMRI quality control. Poster and software demonstration at the 2019 annual meeting of the Organization of Human Brain Mapping. Rome, Italy. Links:

Heunis, J.S., Lamerichs, R., Song, G., Zinger, S., Aldenkamp, B., 2019. Improving BOLD sensitivity with real-time multi-echo echo-planar imaging - Towards a cleaner neurofeedback signal. Poster at the 1th annual meeting of the Benelux Chapter of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. Leiden, The Netherlands. Links:

Heunis, J.S., Besseling, R., Lamerichs, R., De Louw, A., Aldenkamp, B., Bergmans, J., 2018. Dynamic T2star and S0 mapping towards real-time multi-echo fMRI denoising. Poster at the 10th annual meeting of the Benelux Chapter of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. Antwerpen, Belgium.