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I’m Stephan, an engineer, aspiring software developer, interested in understanding the human brain slightly more than we currently do, and in doing meaningful work along the way. I work as a Phd candidate in the Electrical Engineering department of the Eindhoven University of Technology. My main research focus is to develop new signal processing methods, software tools and processes to improve the quality of real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging for clinical use.


I am a South African in The Netherlands. I have a partner and two kids who are objectively the best three persons in the world (no bias here). I worked two industry jobs for about 4 years after completing an M.Sc. in Mechatronic Engineering. Then I started my current job.

Open sciency stuff

I have found that programming, creating useful software tools, creating educational content, and writing and speaking with others about all of this are activities that help me forget about the futility of existence. So I’m trying to do more of that. I especially like doing that in the broad context of transparency and reproducibility in science.

I am involved in several “open science” themed initiatives, which means I like spending time on improving transparency and reproducibility in science and research. Initiatives include: OpenMR Benelux, OHBM Open Science SIG, Open Science Community Eindhoven.

Likes / dislikes

I like:

  • Learning and reading
  • Creating things (with code, with my hands, with words)
  • Motivating people to organise around meaningful activities
  • Underdogs
  • Snowboarding

I dislike:

  • Hierarchies
  • Prestige
  • Exclusivity
  • Being told what to do